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Water Features

Backyard water features are a wonderful and simple way to beautify your garden, providing you with the attractive and relaxing sound of trickling, running water.

A custom designed water feature can be one or more items:

  • Cascades
  • Fountains
  • Ponds
  • Pools
  • Streams
  • Water walls
  • Waterfalls

As fully licensed builders, Noble Constructions (trading as Noble Pools) have built water features in both residential and commercial environments.

We have the ability to design and construct any size of water feature you want; from something small and discreet, to something grand and awe-inspiring. Let us know your ideas and we will guide you on making it happen!

Here are some examples:

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Most water features are fully self-contained in that they reuse their own water supply, pumping the water from the bottom back to the top. The type of pump and the power source depends on the size of the water feature and the amount of water that needs to be recirculated. Timers can be installed to limit any possible adverse noise impact.

Other considerations include

  • Installation of filters to stop potential damage or restricted water flow due to leaves and other potentially damaging materials
  • Water evaporation
  • Underground cables, pipes, sewer lines
  • Council restrictions
  • Requirement for some form of small structure to house pumps and ancillary equipment

Custom water features are often one part of a larger garden landscaping project that involves retaining walls, pathways, patios and other structures. As licensed builders, we are able to help you with your entire backyard renovation project.

Please refer to our Landscaping page for more information. To arrange an obligation-free discussion about your water feature or landscaping requirements, call Michael Noble on 0416 203 765 or complete our Contact form.